Grammatical information: v.
Meaning: `use up, spend, consume' (A.).
Other forms: Fut. ἀνᾱλώσω, Aor. ἀνήλωσα, with a new present ἀνᾱλόω
Derivatives: ἀνά̄λωσις `expenditure, consumption' (Thgn.),
Origin: GR [a formation built with Greek elements]
Etymology: From *ἀνα-Ϝαλίσκω orig. `tear up', `consume'. S. ἁλίσκομαι.
Page in Frisk: 1,102

Greek-English etymological dictionary (Ελληνικά-Αγγλικά ετυμολογική λεξικό). . 2010.

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